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Engineering of "Rock Paper Scissors" game based on IoT platforms

Student: Andrea Scimone

Supervisor: prof. Pier Luca Montessoro

Platform: Onion Omega2+


This thesis explains how to study and develop a project based on IoT platforms: the implementation of the famous game "Rock Paper Scissors" on single-board computer Onion Omega2+. With 3 Onion Omega2+ it's possible to configure an ad-hoc network with a client-server architecture (one client for each player and a server that act as access point and manage the game ) for the realization of the game. For power on Onion Omega2+ boards and for use the GPIO pins are used custom docks realized by Carlo Amistani in another thesis project. With theese docks it's possible to provide power to the boards by lithium battery or via USB cable. In the second way the battery is recharced. The main themes of the thesis are two:

  • the development of the software for the game, based on Nicol Miculan's thesis with some new functionalities and improvements. Client and server applications are written in C language. It's also necessary to configure a script to run at boot time of the Linux OpenWrt system installed on the Onion Omega2+ boards.
  • the realization of the prototypes based on Carlo Amistani's docks, some simple hand-made circuits for leds and buttons and the boxes to contain all.

What you need

  • 3 Onion Omega2+
  • 3 Carlo Amistani custom docks for Onion Omega2+
  • 1 Onion OLED Expansion for the display of the server
  • 3 lithium battery
  •  3 leds
  • 7 pushbuttons
  • 3 switches
  • Andrea Scimone's code for clients and server.



For playing "Rock Paper Scissors" game without any problems the players have to follow some simple instrunctions:

  • power on first the server and then the two clients using the switch on the right side;
  • for each client wait to push the button until the led is turned on;
  • use Reset button on server for restarting the game.